How I Work

My approach to counselling and psychotherapy is integrative.  This means I combine several psychological theories and techniques into a cohesive and relational way of working.  I tailor my interventions to meet the uniqueness of my clients’ individual needs and goals, as 'one size does not fit all'.

I work collaboratively, as I believe clients are the true experts of their own functioning. My aim is to facilitate an exploration of your experiences and help you recognise your inner strengths, so that you can deal with your difficulties more effectively. I view the therapeutic relationship between client and therapist as the principal factor in enabling change. Thus, I pay attention to the relational dynamics in the therapy room and I regularly offer and invite feedback.  

You may feel nervous about seeking therapy which is perfectly normal.  An initial consultation is an opportunity for us to get a sense of one another, for you to ask any questions about therapy and to discuss what you are hoping to achieve.  If we decide to work together, we will structure a flexible treatment plan to meet your needs, agree on a suitable time and day for future meetings, as well as the frequency of the sessions.   We will have regular reviews and collaboratively negotiate the length of therapy.